Step by step guide to setting up live webcam on your Android device

This guide was written for Android users. If you are looking for setup instructions for your iOS device, read this post!

Part of the perks in staying with one of Pawcation’s suites is that you’ll have free access to a 24 hour webcam of your dog. Here’s how you can set up your phone.

1. Download the app iWatch DVR II from the Google Play Store


2. Once the App is installed on your phone, open it.

3. Click on the “New” on the top right of the App.


4. Key in the following details into the fields.

  1. Name: Pawcation
  2. Host:
  3. Port: 5000
  4. User: <given to you during check-in>
  5. Password: <given to you during check-in>

Once all the information are keyed in, tap on “Save”


6. Now, tap on the item you just created.


7. It will take about 5 seconds to authenticate and connect to our servers.

8. Once you’re in, you might see many blue screens. Double tap on the screen that isn’t blue. If for some reason you can’t see this 16 screens, click on the “16CH” button as shown in the image below.


9. You’ll be able to see the room your dog is assigned to!


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