Temperament test

For the safety and pleasure of our hotel guests, we require all hotel guests to have a temperament test done before boarding at Pawcation! Here are some reasons why the temperament test is so important.

Boarding at a new place is stressful.


That’s why we want your dog to drop by before boarding. Imagine dropping off your dog at a strange new place, and running off for days at a time. That’s really stressful. The temperament test serves as an introduction for your dog to Pawcation, so when your dog comes for the vacation, he’s already (more) familiar with the place.

We need to see how your dog behaves with humans.

Dog with humans

Your dog might behave really well with you, but since your dog will be staying with us, we need to know how your dog will react to other humans too!

We need to see how your dog interacts with other dogs.

Dog interaction with dogs

Guests in Pawcation enjoy whole day play with one another. So we need to know how your dog behaves with others. We’ll allow dogs of all characters. The loners or the jocks. The temperament test will allow us to be better prepared when your dog checks in.

About the 3 hour temperament test

The temperament test was designed to be carried out without the owner. Some dogs tend to behave differently with and without the owner. The test is carried out as such.

First 1 hour: Interaction with the other day care or boarding dogs.
Second 1 hour: Interaction with hotel staff (e.g. if our staff can pet or play with your dog)
30 mins: Guests will be placed in a room for approximately 30 minutes (with air condition and water provided), this will test if they are prone to barking or scratching when left alone in the room.
30 mins: Exploring the rest of our hotel.

It is only through the test that we can ensure as little stress for your dog and our other guests. The temperament test is only $15. Ready to book your temperament test? Call us now at +6583283305 or email us at bookings@pawcation.sg!

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