New Grooming Prices from February 2016!

Do take note, there will be a minor pricing increase from February 2016! For most of our guests, these changes shouldn’t affect you.

Here’s the pricing table we will be implementing from February 2016.

New Grooming Pricing

Here is a summary of the changes.

1. Increased prices for Basic grooming for Large and X-Large dogs. We only increased prices by $5 and $10 for Large and X-Large dogs’ basic grooming. Even with this increase, our prices are still extremely competitive!

2. The introduction of Deep/Long Fur Surcharge. Due to the longer time required for our stylist to dry and style deep and long fur dogs, we had to introduce a surcharge for Deep and Long fur dogs. We define deep and long fur dogs to be a fluffy (not limited to) Samoyed, Japanese Spitz, Sheltie. Notice we said “fluffy”, so it also means that if your dog is shaved down, we will not be charging that surcharge =)

Even with the above pricing adjustments, we are confident our prices remain competitive. See you at Pawcation soon!

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