Vaccination and Tick Prevention Requirements at Pawcation

All our clients should be aware of the vaccination and tick prevention requirements that are applicable for all our hotel and daycare guests. These requirements are in addition to the temperament test requirements, that is detailed here.

The main reason why your dogs need to be up to date with their vaccination and be current on tick prevention is not only for the safety of your dog but also the safety of the other guests. Imagine a scenario where your dog returns home with an infestation of ticks or returns home sick from a virus that was caught at Pawcation!

We are extremely strict with both of these requirements, and we will not hesitate to turn away clients. There can be no exceptions, even if your dog is an “indoor dog”.

To reduce the hassle of keeping us updated on your dog’s vaccination status, we’ve developed our proprietary CRM system that contains everything our hotel staff would need to provide excellent care for your dog. Each time you update us on your dog’s vaccination records, we registerĀ it into our database so we can keep track of your dog’s vaccination due date! Here’s how it looks for @tobymycorgi. Toby's vaccination is expiring!

While these requirements might seem a little strict, it really is for the safety and enjoyment of all our guests. If you are ready to book a stay at Pawcation, visit our website at !

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