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Pawcation’s Temperament Test Ce...

Toby's temperament test certificate

Did your dog pass the temp test at Pawcation? Well, thought it would be awesome to provide you with a little memento for that incredible achievement. Well, you can now access your temperament test here! All you need is your email address and your dog’s name to retrieve the certificate! You’ll also be able to […]

Book your CNY suites now!

Happy CNY

Yeah, we know Christmas isn’t over yet, but it pays to plan ahead! Most of us will be busy traveling around the island visiting relatives. You’ll probably be leaving your dogs alone at home during this period. Who’s going to take care of your dog? Maybe you should consider putting your dog up for a […]

Things to look out for in a Pet Hotel

Looking for a pet hotel?

It is the holiday season once again! Going on a vacation? However, who’s going to take care of your dog? Consider putting them up at a Pet Hotel like at Pawcation! Here are some of the things you should look out for when entrusting your dog at a Hotel! 1. Cleanliness and tick prevention 2. […]

Temperament test


For the safety and pleasure of our hotel guests, we require all hotel guests to have a temperament test done before boarding at Pawcation! Here are some reasons why the temperament test is so important. Boarding at a new place is stressful. That’s why we want your dog to drop by before boarding. Imagine dropping […]

Ready for Halloween?

Ready for Halloween?

Why don’t you spend Halloween at Pawcation? No trick-or-treating though, just a good night sleep.

Long Weekend in November!

Long Weekend in November!

Want to go for a short getaway? Deepavali is coming up! It is on 10 November, a Tuesday. Take a 1 day leave from work to enjoy a 4 day long weekend! And if you need a hotel for your dog during the long weekend, don’t worry, we got you covered. We’ve have rooms for […]

PSI is at 193 =(

PSI is at 193 =(

No one likes the haze. Have a staycation at Book a room now at

Every dog deserves a vacation at Pawc...

Every dog deserves a vacation!

Everydog deserves a break! Give your dog a well deserved holiday at Pawcation this September holidays! Hotel for dogs start at $49. Book instantly online now @ We have limited suites left, so hurry before they run out! With 24 hours webcam, daily play sessions on our roof garden, whole day play sessions, life really […]

Everyday is a vacation at Pawcation!

Hotel for dogs

Going on a vacation? Sadly, your dog can’t go along. But its ok. Your dog can have its own vacation, at Pawcation! We have suites for dogs of all sizes, starting at $49 a night. We have limited rooms, so book now! Call us at 83283305 or  With 24 hours webcam, daily play sessions […]

Can’t bring your dog along for ...

Suites for dogs start at $49 a night!

Going on a holiday in September? If only we could bring our furkids along. Well, the best alternative for your dog will be a vacation in Pawcation. Suites start at $49 a night. We have limited rooms, so do book early! Call us at 83283305 or for a booking! With 24 hours webcam access, […]