What are your operating hours?

Daycare hours are from 9.30am – 6.30pm.

Hotel Check-in is from 2pm – 5pm.

Hotel Check-out is from 10am – 1pm.

Visiting hours are from 11am – 5pm.

Grooming slots are available from 9.30am – 5pm.

Kindly take note : ALL services require advance booking.

Modes of payment

1. Internet Banking to DBS Current Account 0039346913 (Bank Code 7171 Branch 003)
3. Cash
4. PayPal (by credit card)

Can I come in for a tour

Of course you can! Pop in any day between 11am-5pm or contact us for an appointment!

Hotel Reservations

Booking of hotel suites is only confirmed after 25% deposit is made. Bookings of our suites can be made here.

Owners are to provide proof of vaccination records valid until check out day. We regret to inform you that guests who do not provide proof of vaccination will not be permitted for boarding.

Requirements for all guests

1. All guests must be vaccinated, healthy and non-aggressive. Pawcation reserves the rights to refuse service and admittance to any pet which lacks proofs of vaccinations, displays symptoms of contagious health problems or demonstrates aggressive behaviour.
2. All guests must be on some form of tick/flea prevention treatment, like Bravecto and Frontline.
3. For all first time hotel guests, they must undergo our 3-hour temperament test prior to check-in. Please plan ahead and ensure you and your dog have sufficient time to undergo this 3-hour temperament test. As such, last minute bookings, where there isn’t enough time to get a temperament test done, especially for first time hotel guests will not be entertained. Last minute bookings will only be entertained for guests that have undergone our 3-hour temperament test and if rooms are available.

About the 3 hr temperament test?

Dog owners will be required to leave the hotel so we can assess the dog’s behaviour in the absence of the owner.

First 1 hour: Interaction with the other day care or boarding dogs.

Second 1 hour: Interaction with hotel staff (e.g. if our staff can pet or play with your dog).

30 mins-1 hour: Guests will be placed in a room (with air condition and water provided), this will test if they are prone to barking or scratching when left alone in the room.

Remaining time: Exploring the rest of our hotel.

It might seem stringent, but it is only through these strict rules that we can ensure your dog’s safety in our hotel.

How long is the temperament test valid for?

Forever! Just get it done and never worry about it again! Visit us anytime after getting the temperament test done. (Unless your dog has a drastic change in behaviour after the test)

Where can I download the temperament test certificate?

Once you pass the temperament test, you can download the temperament test certificate from here!

Cancellation policy for hotel guests

Hotel reservations must be cancelled at least 14 days prior to check-in date. Deposit will be forfeited thereafter.

What if I change my travel plans?

Should you require a change in your booking dates, please let us know at least 2 weeks before your check-in date. Cancellation policies apply.

Why should I board my dogs with Pawcation?

Thats because we are perhaps the best! Run by dog lovers (and parents of TobyMyCorgi), we will treat your dogs like our own! Also, all our hotel guests have complimentary access to 24 hours webcam, complimentary daily exercise on our treadmill and complimentary outdoor playtime!

Feeding for hotel guests

Breakfast earliest is at 9.30am, dinner is at 6pm or left overnight or as instructed by owners.

Potty plan

Pee trays with pee pads will be provided in the rooms. For dogs that prefer to carry out their business outdoors, we have an enclosed roof top garden tucked away from dangerous vehicles. Our guests are brought to the roof roughly every 3 hours during the day.(Weather permitting)

Bedding/Personal belongings for hotel guests

Hotel guests are allowed to bring personal toys and beddings during check-in, although we are not responsible or compensate for soiled/damaged items.

Webcam access for hotel guests

For all our hotel guests, we provide complimentary 24 hours webcam service is provided to all hotel guests. Instructions for access to the webcam can be found here iPhone and Android.

How does the webcam look at night?

It looks pretty awesome. Night vision capable!


What if I need early check in or late check out?

Check-in times are between 2pm – 5pm and check-out times 11am – 1pm. Early check-in or late check-out fees will apply outside of these timings.

There will be strictly no check-ins and check-outs after hours. Pawcation reserves the right to turn away customers if check-ins are not done by 7pm. After hour check-outs are not allowed and an additional day will be charged for next day check-out.

Tell me about the exercise on the treadmill

Our hotel guests are treated with exercise on the treadmill. Each pet is typically on the treadmill between 10 minutes to 30 minutes. Every session is supervised by our staff. This is an optional complimentary service.

Tell me about the supervised outdoor playtime

This outdoor play happens in an enclosed roof top garden and it is absolutely safe! Weather permitting, our hotel guests are given outdoor playtimes multiple times daily. This is an optional value added service is complimentary.

What else is free?

Free wash & fluff dry for every 7 nights of stay to keep you looking fresh!

What happens if my dog gets sick while boarding at your facility?

We will contact you, and at the same time, we will send your dog to your chosen vet.

What are you doing against fleas and ticks?

For your dogs comfort and health, all guests will be be required to go through a flea and tick assessment prior to their stay. De-ticking charges ($60+) may apply should guests fail this assessment.

How do I know whether my dog is a Small, Medium, Large or X-Large?

It really depends on the weight of your dog!
Below 10 kg – Small
10 – 19 kg – Medium
20 – 39 kg – Large
Above 40 kg – X-large

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to reach us on Facebook, +65 8328 3305 or bookings@pawcation.sg